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Tickets and further info for this event can be found <a href="general_15.html">here</a>. The Chapel FM Stage will feature the following artists:</i><br><br><br> </h2> <h6> NORTHERN SHORE<hr width="780" color="#4455bb" noshade></h6> <h2> Set Time 2.10pm <br> Made up of Guitarist Patrick Barklamb and Drummer Ben Dandy, Northern Shore a unique 2- Piece who use melodic and hypnotic guitar lines melded with intricate and driving rhythms to deliver songs that are captivatingly outside the norm.<br> <!-- <p align="left"><img src="northern.jpg" width="600" height="549"></p> --> <br></h2> <h6>ZOE CARTEY<hr width="780" color="#4455bb" noshade></h6><h2> Set Time 2.40pm <br> While only 17, Zoe writes songs that contain a profound delicacy and a bitter-sweet honesty. Her live performances are no less endearing as she weaves her tails with a haunting and crushingly heartfelt voice.<br> <p align="left"><img src="cartey.jpg" width="500" height="500"></p><br></h2> <h6>MOLLY RYMER<hr width="780" color="#4455bb" noshade></h6><h2> Set Time 3.10pm <br> Molly mixes a pop approach with a top draw singer-songwriter sensibility. Using her versatile and powerful voice to stunning effect, she is a young performer who s mastery of performing live is beyond her tender years.<br> <p align="left"><img src="rymer.jpg" width="396" height="275"></p><br></h2> <h6>JOE SPINK <hr width="780" color="#4455bb" noshade></h6><h2> Set Time 3.40pm <br> He might only been 16 but Joe is becoming a veteran of the live music scene. Having played at the likes of venues such as Oporto, Milo and the legendary Brudenell Social Club, he is an assured performer who delivers songs that pack catchy and emotional punch.<br> <p align="left"><img src="spink.jpg" width="600" height="600"></p><br> </h2> <h6>OLIVIA ERODUTO<hr width="780" color="#4455bb" noshade></h6><h2> Set Time 4.10pm <br> Taking the singer-songwriter form and then giving it a shake down, Olivia writes smart, catchy county infused songs with a live performance that ll make you want to be part of her gang.<br> <p align="left"><img src="eroduto.jpg" width="500" height="500"></p><br></h2> <h6>ARCARODE<hr width="780" color="#4455bb" noshade></h6><h2> Set Time 4.45pm <br> This female fronted 3-piece are fresh out of the box but already making waves. Having already played the likes of O2 Academy and Beacons Festival, Arcarode mix haunting vocals and melodies with musical power that surprises and beguiles.<br> <p align="left"><img src="arcarode.jpg" width="600" height="399"></p><br></h2> <h6>JACK HAINING<hr width="780" color="#4455bb" noshade></h6><h2> Set Time 5.30pm <br> At 18 Jack is a veteran of the live scene having already played the likes of Communion and Live At Leeds His music is delicate, wistful and full of wonder for all that is before him. Having just released his debut EP has helped continue to raise his already growing reputation.<br> <p align="left"><img src="haining.jpg" width="600" height="600"></p><br></h2> <h6>SAMUEL S. PARKES<hr width="780" color="#4455bb" noshade></h6><h2> Set Time 6.15pm <br> Having already toured the country with the likes of Ocean Colour Scene, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas and Josoline Brown Samuel is at the forefront of the New Northern movement. With his trusty band in tow, be prepared for an onslaught of melody and movement<br> <p align="left"><img src="parkes.jpg" width="400" height="361"></p><br></h2> <hr width="780" color="#4455bb" noshade> </td> </tr> <tr align="left" valign="top"> <td width="300">&nbsp;</td> <td>&nbsp;</td> </tr> </table> </body> </html>